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Locksmith Police

LocksmithPolice.com is a community service which allows consumers who have been harmed by a locksmith service to report a locksmith in detail, and a means by which a company can respond to or dispute invalid reviews. We assist legal, legitimate locksmiths by providing verified business listings in our directory, including valuable ownership information which is not included in Google search results. Our directory is not polluted by the presence of phony locksmiths using false addresses, and is a valid means of providing information to law enforcement and government agencies to assist in the prosecution of phony locksmith companies using false and deceptive marketing methods.

Please help us to collect evidence to assist in the prosecution of phony locksmiths by registering with us and providing as much information as possible about an outrageous locksmith bill, damage to your property, hijacking or invalid use of a registered or trade marked locksmith business name, or criminal wrongdoing of any kind with regard to a company advertising as a locksmith.

There are three levels of participation in this community service. First is a public user who can browse our directory and view Google Maps which have been carefully designed to show specific information regarding companies advertising as locksmiths. Second is a registered user who can provide valuable information as a locksmith professional who wants the public to have accurate, valid information regarding their own locksmith business, or as a consumer of locksmith services who wants to report a problem encountered with a locksmith. The third is a contributing editor who wants to assist us in prosecution of companies that are in violation of commerce laws and/or locksmith laws that have been passed in the state where they conduct locksmith business. Only contributing editors are able to edit existing records and contest the information being publicly displayed about their locksmith business or the illegal use of their locksmith business company name. This service is free to the public and being provided by paralegals and volunteers who are assisting in the collection of evidence required for class action against companies advertising with false addresses in the Google Local Business Center. This massive fraud has caused harm to both consumers and legitimate locksmiths alike across the nation.

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